Our Mission is to educate and support community service groups by facilitating collaborations in Curry & Del Norte Counties. Wild Rivers Connect (WRC) is your LOCAL online connection for the tools, education, volunteers and resources you need to effectively accomplish your organization’s goals.
  • Meet new people from other nonprofits 
    & community organizations
  • Learn how to create more impact for 
    your group
  • Be a part of a community with common missions
  • Get training for the skills you need
By working together we can accomplish so much more for our communities. 

Modeling Healthy Choices
Curry County 4-H

Gold Beach High School student Daniel Lopez. (Photo courtesy Curry County 4-H)Gold Beach High School student Daniel Lopez pots
strawberry starts. (Photo courtesy Curry County 4-H)

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Creating Opportunities
Oregon Community Foundation

Presenters Annie Donnelly, Jeff Geiger & Michelle Carrillo provided a rich dialogue during the hands on grant writing session.
Community members turned out in mass, connecting and sharing great ideas. 
Stay tuned for our recorded session if you missed the live event.