Calendar Guidelines

The Wild Rivers Connect Events Calendar is a resource for organizations in Curry and Del Norte counties to share events with community members, potential volunteers and visitors to the area. It can serves as a planning tool to ensure upcoming events don’t conflict with other community events. 

Who is meant to use the Calendar?

  • Organizations, schools, businesses and other groups reaching out to the community
  • Residents of Curry and Del Norte counties
  • Volunteers
  • Visitors to the area looking for things to do

The Wild Rivers Connect Team can help you:

  • With questions about how to view, enter and edit information.
  • Transfer ownership of events from one user to another.
    • Example: Pam created events for the Brookings Community Garden Team. Pam later moved out of the area, but the events are still under her name and account. The Garden Team creates a new account for their new outreach coordinator Jim. He contacts the WRC team and they transfer Pam’s events to Jim.

Calendar Guidelines

  • Do not post inappropriate content such as slander, cursing, or any imagery not suitable to a general audience.
  • No garage/yard sales, or promotional sales events, unless they are part of a fundraising initiative or greater community effort.
  • No job advertising.
  • No personal events such as family reunions.
  • No closed meetings. The calendar is meant to be used to advertise events that are open to the community.
    • Example of appropriate usage: The Brookings Community Garden Team is hosting a planning luncheon on August 12th. All are welcome. RSVP at…
    • Example of misuse: The Brookings Community Garden Team has monthly, private team meetings on the 2nd of every month. Minutes can be found at…
  • Please do not post the same event (same day and time) more than once. Recurring events (weekly, monthly, yearly, first Wednesday of every month, etc) are allowed, however.
    • Example of misuse: There are two events, both taking place on Jan 16th from 5:00 to 6:00 PM. Both are posted by the same organization (or two different users from the same organization) and have the same title, place, and general description.