Press Release Tips

by Steven Williams













What makes up an effective press release? How does someone format a press release to make it easier for the press to publish our news?

No one is better equipped to explain press release etiquette than the editors and managers themselves, so we contacted several news publications in Del Norte and Curry counties. Here was their advice:

What are the most frequent mistakes you see in press releases?

The Triplicate/ Curry Pilot: Not including complete information. Who/what/where/how is really important. Who is sending it? What exactly is it that we’re receiving? Where is it being held? How can someone get more information?

KFUG Community Radio: Incomplete information with sketchy contact information.

KCRE and KPOD: People posting their press releases days before an event!

The Insider of Southern Oregon: Incorrect dates, times, and places.

Port Orford News/ Curry County Reporter/ Myrtle Point Herald (all ran by the same person!): PDFs can be hard to work with and flyers are a definite no-go! Editors tend to skip emails with unclear and imprecise titles.

The Redwood Voice: Don’t include any blunders!

What are some tips and advice you would like to share?

The Triplicate/ Curry Pilot: The local newspaper wants news! Whether it’s a business or nonprofit or an individual, they want community news. If in doubt, send it anyway. If you haven’t heard from us, call back to check in!

KFUG Community Radio: Read your press release to someone who doesn’t know about your event, and ask a lot of questions!

KCRE and KPOD: Send out your press releases a couple of weeks in advance to provide time for it to be recorded and aired in the morning.

The Insider of Southern Oregon: Include minute details like sponsors, parent organizations. Don’t underestimate the power of press releases. One time, a community organizer put together a concert fundraiser but forgot to advertise it in the press. Almost no one came!

Port Orford News/ Curry County Reporter/ Myrtle Point Herald: Research the newspaper style and be coherent. Keep the who/what/when/where/why at the forefront and the miscellaneous information for the end of the press release. Do not be deceptive and do not send it or even use the lines “ad” or “advertisement!” Finally, format your press releases in a word document. Word documents (“.doc”) are universal and easy to copy-paste information from.

The Redwood Voice: Outline whatever it is you are publicizing in clear, distinct language and provide context.

How do I submit a press release to you?

The Triplicate/ Curry Pilot: Send it to Best way is through email. It can also be brought up to us over the front counter. If things are already typed, it makes life easier for us.

KFUG Community Radio: The best way is to email directly –

KCRE and KPOD: Email us at

The Insider of Southern Oregon: Send us an email at

Port Orford News/ Curry County Reporter/ Myrtle Point Herald: Email  using the following format: “Press Release: What the Press Release Is.” Be clear and concise on your subject line.

The Redwood Voice: Email us at


Wild Rivers Connect has created a simple form for you to submit a local press release. Just follow the link here.

We hope that your organization will be able to use the information provided by these press organizations to spread  your cause more efficiently!


  • Cindy Vossburg – Triplicate and Curry Pilot
  • Paul Critz – KFUG
  • Carrie Okerlund – KCRE and KPOD 
  • Bruce Ellis – Insider of Southern Oregon
  • Matt Hall Port Orford News and Curry County Reporter and the Myrtle Point Herald
  • Jacob Patterson – Redwood Voice

Photography provided by Pexels